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Conditions of purchase

Delivery / Delivery areas

    • A delivery is defined as a one-off dispatch (of one or more parcels) to a specific address at a certain time.
    • StepOver International GmbH (StepOver International) delivers goods globally, with the exception of the People’s Republic of China and countries against which an economic embargo has been imposed which applies to StepOver products, as well as with the exception of regions and/or countries which are internationally classified as war and crisis zones. StepOver International GmbH (StepOver International) reserves the right to refuse to deliver to individual countries.
    • Delivery to countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is only possible after consultation regarding the size of the project or any special conditions.

Payment method

Delivery is by invoice - payable within 10 days (strictly net). The StepOver International GmbH reserves the right to change the method of payment in advance payment. The customer will be informed in time in this case.

Dispatch costs

    • Your goods will be delivered from our factory in Germany. StepOver International GmbH (StepOver International) undertakes the export process and therefore charges a fee of 75 € for each export process, plus the actual dispatch costs with the parcel service/forwarding service.  
      Please note: The import process is not carried out by StepOver International GmbH (StepOver International). Furthermore, StepOver International GmbH shall not assume the costs of any import fees, taxes or other duties.
    • StepOver International GmbH (StepOver International) shall charge a flat-rate of 50 € per certificate, for obtaining a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in cases where necessary.
    • Detailed delivery & dispatch conditions can be found here!

Delivery time

StepOver International GmbH’s (StepOver International) average delivery time, for small quantities (fewer than 50 items), is usually 2-10 working days, provided that all parts are available in stock, as well as delivery time. Delivery usually takes between 3 and 14 working days within the EU. Please be aware that deliveries to non EU countries may take a few days longer. If an item is not directly available, or delivery time is expected to be longer for any other reason, then we shall inform you of the delay by e-mail or telephone within our normal delivery period. We will be happy to inform you of delivery times for orders of more than 50 items on request. Detailed delivery & dispatch conditions can be found here!

Data protection conditions

  1. Processing personal data

    StepOver International GmbH uses your details exclusively to process this order. As such, you agree to the storage and processing of your personal data for the purpose of order processing.

  2. Concluding the purchase contract

    The purchase contract is only deemed concluded once the order confirmation is sent. Sending the order confirmation may be replaced by direct sending of the goods.

  3. Retention of proprietary rights

    The goods ordered will remain the property of StepOver International GmbH until payment has been received in full.

  4. Information on processing

    Please note that we can only process the order form provided it has been filled out fully and correctly. Note: Please keep in mind our general Data Protection indications.